The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is an all-volunteer organization. The Hall process and celebration takes a vast amount of man hours to create and produce. The WiPHoF Organizational Committee is made up of some amazing people who work tirelessly to elevate women in poker. It’s with our most deepest gratitude to these people for sharing of their time and talents. Thank you so much!


Our amazing volunteers in alphabetical order by first name:

Angela Garcia, Barbara Capron, Carolyn Wayne, Celeste Santiago, Chad Holloway, Christina Black, Debbie Espe, Donna Rohwer, Espy Enriquez, Gyla Kay Burchenal-Whitlow, Holly Jones, Holly Warnecke, Janice Burchenal-Whitlow, Jennifer Gianera, Kelly Koenig, Lori Smith, Lynn Daoust, Lynne Mitchnick, Marsha McGee-Adams, Patricia Pfeil, Peggy Weiland-Carlson, Rebbecca Scales, Susan Rhodes, Suzanne Malavet, Sylvia Wolf, Tatiana Fox, Terri Breer, and Tricia Case. Also, the Members of the Hall.