For a women to be nominated for consideration to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, she must have made an impression on the industry in some significant way. There a great many worthy women eligible for induction to the Hall. However, it may take time for them to be selected to the ballot stage. Those who are on the ballot have been selected by the existing members of the Hall for consideration in that year. It does not mean these women won’t be considered for future years because they will. We would like to acknowledge all those who were nominated and congratulate them for creating a footprint for women in poker!

In alphabetical order by First Name:

Angelica Hael
Annie Duke
Barbara Jones Zangaro
Carla Solinas
Carol Fuchs
Christina Black
Christina Read
Connie Rice
Esther Rossi
Gaelle Baumann
Ivonne Montealegre
Jackie Glazier
Jami Lafay
Jamie Kerstetter
Janis Hogen Sexton
Jeanne David
Jena Lytle
Jennifer Gianera
Jennifer Shahade
Jennifer Tilly
Jessica Dawley
Kara Scott
Karina Jett
Katie Stone
Kristen Bicknell Foxen
Kyna England
Lena Evans
Leo Margets
Liv Boeree
Liz Huey
Louise Francoeur
Lynn Gilmartin
Angela Jordison
Maria Lampropulos
Marsha Wolak-Barnett
Mary Fico
Maureen Bloechlinger
Maryann Morrison
Mimi Tran
Rebecca McAdam
Roni Taylor
Ruth Hall
Shirley Rosario
Starr Valdez
Starla Thompson Brodie
Tara Smith
Tatiana Fox
Terry Hatcher
Terry King
Vanessa Kade
Vanessa Rousso
Vanessa Selbst
Veronica Brill
Xuan Liu